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Our mission is to provide our customers and clients with the appropriate herbal medicine and nutritional supplements by using centuries old wisdom and traditions of herbal medicine alongside the latest scientific research. Here at Monarch Natural Health, we are trained Clinical Medical Herbalists and Nutritionists with a passion for health and wellness and keep up with current information to promote health and wellness.

Business Description

Quality advice guaranteed in two great locations

The company Monarch Natural Health Ltd was formed in February 2007 and the doors opened for trading in May 2007. Carolyn Coakley is the company director and her focus is to provide quality service with excellent products and outstanding information to clients and customers alike. Carolyn is a qualified Natural Health Practitioner with a Diploma in Clinical Herbal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition and she has completed her NLP Master Practitioner training. She is also a Humanist Neuro-Linguistic Psychologist (HNLP) Coach/Counsellor to assist those who require help to achieve their goals or to move past their fears. Carolyn also is a Live Blood Screening (Haemaview) Consultant and by looking at a drop of blood from your finger can tell if there is nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, oxidation, immune issues, gut health, platelet stickiness or liver dysfunction.

Monarch Natural Health is now servicing the Selwyn area with a clinic operating in Rolleston. A new store, clinic & dispensary will be opening soon in Rolleston.

Carolyn and her team take great pleasure and pride in the professional service provided, the layout of the store, its friendly atmosphere and excellent range of quality products.

Carolyn likes to keep up with the latest scientific research and current information by furthering her education at a post graduate level, attending seminars in NZ and overseas and has research articles on her website for you to read.

Our Natural Health Clinic offers you the following services:
• Health and Wellness Evaluations
• Individually designed treatment plans providing information and support about the condition/s and how to manage them effectively (fees apply for written plans)
• Dietary and Lifestyle advice/plans
• Eat right for your blood type diet
• Assistance with pre/post diabetes and associated conditions including the monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar levels
• A variety of Tests including urine samples, blood tests, hair analysis, allergy tests
• Support for times of increased stress, anxiety and depression
• Integrative Medicine – this is working alongside your existing health care provider/s
• Tools to empower yourself to achieve your own excellence in health
• Assistance in working through emotional issues
• Guide you to change habits which are no longer useful for you
• Weight Management Programs, including dietary and lifestyle advice
• Provide information and support to you about your health status and how to manage it effectively
• Foot Spa Detox

A comprehensive range of tests that include:
• Hair analysis for heavy metal and mineral toxicity
• Food allergy tests eg: Coeliac Disease/intolerance
• Blood tests for health screens
• Urinary Indican Test for gut/digestive problems
• ABO blood typing
• Live blood Analysis (Haemaview)

Live Blood Analysis or Screening is a tool for identifying nutrient deficiencies (eg: iron, B12, Folic acid), inflammation, platelet aggregation, oxidation, immune activity and statis, dehydration, liver activity, toxicity and much more…

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Address 53 Durrell Way
Rolleston 7614
Phone03 347 8091

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