My Journey Towards Consciousness

Monday, May 21, 2012 by Amanda

Over the years I have eased my way in to natural health and personal development. While at university, I completed a weekend massage course, bought myself a portable massage table and practiced on friends. However, over time people’s enthusiasm waned.

In my early 20’s I was introduced to personal development through a weight loss program I undertook. It was based on healthy eating principles, food combining and self-hypnosis which was a huge departure from the fad diets I had been on since the age of 12. Hypnosis interested me and I was invited to undertake Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Hypnotherapy trainings which I really enjoyed and consequently excelled at. But use this as a profession – no way – that wasn’t even on the radar. I organised conferences for a living and loved it. I dabbled a bit with friends and a lot with myself over the next few years and then my enthusiasm petered out a bit.

It was also around this time that I started to travel and work overseas and that took precedence. For the next 6 years, my main focus on my health was an exercise regime. This worked relatively well while I was working and not at all when travelling. I did see a fantastic reflexologist in London a couple of times and tried to learn reflexology from a book while travelling through Africa. I didn’t get too far as conditions weren’t ideal and there were many distractions. For work I fell back in to providing IT Software Training due to the demand for those skills leading up to the year 2000.

By the time I arrived in Australia in 2003, I was searching for something else. I ran into an extensive Life Coach training program and experienced immense personal growth. This lead into a year (part-time) of NLP training where I completed a full range of courses up to Trainers level. I also assisted on several courses to help integrate what I had learnt.

While I got huge benefit from the NLP processes, it was the principles that attracted me most. I developed a 12 session coaching program based on the NLP principles and started my own coaching and training business. This was rather short-lived as I became pregnant with my first daughter, Kayla, and decided that as I had waited so long to have children, I was going to be a full-time mum. This was not a hard decision to make but it was a very hard one to live by. I really enjoy the challenge of work and found life at home with a young baby exhausting and mind numbing. Somehow the challenges weren’t as invigorating as they are in an office environment. However, it was often very satisfying and I enjoyed every new phase my daughter went through – well, most of the phases!

Roll on my youngest daughter, Talia; a move back to New Zealand after 10 years away; and discovery of a new city, Christchurch, which has become our home. I was very focussed on preventative health by this time and during the final stages of my pregnancy worked with an Osteopath and Kinesiologist. I later went on to learn basic TFH Kinesiology.

By this time I had a strong desire to feel better about and within myself and embarked on a steep curve of personal development. Along the way, I have experienced Massage for relaxation and general body conditioning, Remedial Massage for specific problems and prevention, Chiropractic for lower back issues, Holistic Pulsing for relaxation and growth, EFT for both physical and emotional issues, Reiki for deep healing, Counselling and Pascha Therapy for relationship issues, Sound Therapy for daily balancing of the chakras, Intuitive Healing for achieving clarity, and maybe a few more that are escaping me right now … During this time I have also undertaken EFT Video Training and Level 1 Reiki which I use daily on myself.

Along the way, I have enjoyed the journey, even with the ups and downs it has bought. I have seen the progress in my thinking and the way I view life. The skills I require to live a conscious life are in my toolbag. Each day, I become more present and am starting to live in the moment more often. I am making good decisions in my life – decisions that are right for me! I feel better and better each year, month, week, day and moment. My future vocation will be in the natural health area and I am open to the route it may take. Is it perhaps time to specialise? Now that I have this strong foundation across the healing arts. Will my recent introduction to, and love of, numerology be the one? Watch this space.

I would love to hear about your journey. Your trials and tribulations. Your philosophy on life.

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