My Soul Necklace

Thursday, March 8, 2012 by Amanda

I recently had a Soul Necklace made for me by Margaret and Dan at Soul Design. Having seen the necklaces on a couple of people, the question was definitely ‘when’ not ‘if’. Then everything started to fall into place … and I ordered what I thought was just going to be a beautiful necklace specifically designed for me. How wrong was I? Not only was it beautiful and made just for me … but it was specifically designed to help me in my personal journey!

After wearing my necklace for a week, I had already noticed big changes. I had some things arise in my life that I was really resistant to accepting. This wasn’t unusual for me but what was new was how quickly they moved. Within a few hours of recognising the resistance, I felt completely different about it … completely accepting. I had gone from being absolutely freaked out that this might even be an issue of mine to “oh yes, of course that is the way it is”. Unbelievable and even that thought instantly becomes – not at all unbelievable, it’s just the way things are.

When I first saw my soul necklace I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. It was smaller than I expected and very uniform – the circles! My preference was for larger, eye catching, flowing pieces. Margaret explained to me that the piece was designed for what I needed spiritually, not what my ego would like to see. She mentioned that I didn’t need a large piece to act as armour and this resonated with me completely. I have bonded with my necklace and now love every inch of it.

Incidentally, I used money given to me many years ago from my grandmothers estate to purchase this necklace and today would have been her 100th Birthday! I love having the connection to her through wearing my necklace.

The stones – sphene, peridot, spessarite garnet and tanzanite – all have an individual part to play and as I read through the things they can provide support for, I realised that they were very well suited to me. I had most of the issues that were identified! The placement of the stones and the gold mixed with silver are also significant in providing exactly what I need. This necklace is really asking me to step up and be myself … something that I have been trying to do for a while. I look forward to the process and to being supported by this stunning necklace in achieving my true potential.

How do you support yourself in achieving your potential?

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