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Welcome to Natural Balance, where your Wellbeing is our focus. It is SO important to consider the whole person, if optimal health is your goal. For example, it is virtually impossible to ask you to change your eating habits if you aren’t sleeping well. This is because your body will be crying out for a ‘feel better instantly’ fix, usually in the form of highly processed, carbohydrate-rich food. Fix the sleep and the nutrition habits become much easier to tackle. So as well as exercise and nutrition, we consider elements such as stress, sleep, thoughts and relationships to be crucial pieces in the puzzle of health. If you’ve realised that diets DON’T work and you’re ready for a holistic approach to lay the foundation for your success and happiness, then take a look around.

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Do you want to lose weight but struggle to find a long term solution that is realistic to maintain, doesn’t involve pills and potions, and that doesn’t involve sacrificing all the things you enjoy? Would you like to train for an event (e.g. fun run, triathlon, etc) but are perhaps lacking in confidence, or don’t know how to get started? Are you stuck in a rut and just want to try something new (yoga, pilates, hiking, biking, stretching for relaxation, weight training for strengthening and wellbeing……), or maybe you just want to get a little tone back in your body and feel good about yourself again? If this sounds like you, then give us a call and we would love to find out about all your health and fitness goals and help you set up a plan towards achieving them. Most of us don’t set big enough goals for ourselves – they are not big enough unless they scare you! Let us book you in for a complimentary initial consultation so we can discuss where you’re at now, where you want to be, and what’s holding you back from getting there. With a personalised plan and plenty of support you can turn your dreams into goals and then reality. Our trainers are based in Riccarton, St Martins, and Central Christchurch. We also offer skype coaching, and a mobile service…so we can come to YOU.




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