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OLWYNNE CADE – LIVING GUIDE, Holistic Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Regression Therapist. Olwynne is a gifted intuitive self development teacher, speaker and writer who specialises in the fields of human consciousness, intuition, spirituality, life after death, reincarnation, health and wellbeing.

Business Description

Using Intuitive Coaching techniques Olwynne offers a unique opportunity to embark upon the essence of your life purpose. To embrace yourself as a spiritual being, offering insights, wisdom, clarity and encouragement. Her guidance is from those in spirit who guide her and who work with those who guide you.

Through the use of Past Life Regression Therapy Olwynne guides you into a deep meditation allowing you to access a loving and non judgemental overview of all your choices and actions past, present and future. By connecting with your soul mind and memory, she guides you to open up a channel to past memories not only in this life but in the lives you have lived before as well as your time in spirit between lives, enlightening you as to how and why you chose your present life.

Olwynne has studied extensively for 23 years in these fields. Her powerful teaching methods have transformed the lives of many who have sought her guidance to change, heal and grow. Her life journey has not been an easy road to walk which only enriches the depth of knowledge and personal experience she brings to being a Living Guide.




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Address 60 Cornwall Street
St Albans
Christchurch 8014
Phone03 379 8088
Mobile022 029 5859

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