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Therapy, Coaching and Training supported by the leading International Standards Organisations. Guaranteed. Do You Want To... Positively influence others? Create meaningful relationships? Understand yourself? Understand others? Resolve conflict easily? Rid yourself of fears and phobias? Become an NS-NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner?

Business Description

Well, we all have many aspects to our lives;
• Mental health & happiness
• Physical health & fitness
• Family
• Relationships
• Business & Career
• and many more…

But let me ask you a question – How healthy, strong, meaningful and balanced are all of these aspects of you? Are you completely happy, contented and well balanced…? or are there areas that could be improved?

You CAN become so much more than you can even consider possible, “Whatever you think you are, you are always more than that!” (John Overdurf)

If you want to improve your personal or business life and relationships, Optimum Mind provides the training, tools, and coaching to fulfil your needs.

From the latest in Peak Personal Performance Training and Meta-Coaching, through to Hypnotic Health Coaching and free Hypnotic audios. Utilising the latest in Positive Psychology, Self Actualisation Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming & much more… Optimum Mind is the place to call.

Dr Alan Fayter
Trainer and Coach

It’s not many people who can say they’ve found their passion in life, but when I personally discovered the immense life changing benefits of hypnosis NLP and Neuro-Semantics, my passion for helping others make positive changes in their lives was ignited.

I’m excited to help you achieve your goals through the latest MetaCoaching methodologies or train and Certify you as a Practitioner in your own right. Or help you to overcome obstacles in a therapeutic sense.

For more information on how to take your life, career, relationships and personal efficacy to the next level, contact Alan Fayter.

• Dr Clinical Hypnotherapy DCH
• NS-NLP Master Trainer (ISNS)
• Fellow Member Trainer IANLP
• Certified Meta-Coach (MCF)
• Coach IANLP
• Self Actualisation Trainer & Coach

Postal Address:
46 Woodville Street
Christchurch 8013

For workshops, training and events visit or contact Alan directly.

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Address 46 Woodville Street
Christchurch 8013
Mobile021 260 5486

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