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We like what these people are offering and so we have partnered with them to give you easy access to their products and/or services. They all offer excellent value for money and many of them even offer free stuff so you can “try before you buy”. Please use the link provided to access their website and newsletter information. Any benefits we receive from having referred you will be invested back into developing this website.

Our Partners

The Book Depository

“I have found this site to be consistently cheaper than any other way of purchasing books and the range is amazing.” Amanda Weston

This is a great online bookshop with excellent pricing and free delivery. You can choose what currency you want to view the prices in. Their focus is on having as wide a range of books as possible and they are even reprinting ‘out of print’ or ‘difficult to find’ titles. Go to the Book Depository now.

Margaret Lynch and the Secret of Intentional Wealth

“I have completed several of Margaret’s courses and used many of her free products and they are all well worth it.” Amanda Weston

Margaret Lynch is a Success Coach, Tapping Expert and Author. She uses Tapping (EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique) to get to the core of what blocks success in our life. In many of her program she uses a unique method of stepping through the chakras to clear limiting beliefs and old programming. She teaches clients how to tap into their inner brilliance to achieve higher levels of creativity and inspiration, and to find a higher purpose in life. Go to her home page now to view her free resources, products, workshops and coaching packages.


“I bought a Senna Tea recommended on Cura Romana that was much more effective than the one I bought locally. It worked out about the same price.” Amanda Weston

This site has great natural products at good prices and reasonable delivery costs worldwide. They are committed to providing the best overall value for natural products through “e-simplicity”. They stock over 600 well-known, respected brands and over 30,000 products. You will receive a $5 discount off your order if you enter the code KUV890 at the checkout. Go to iHerb now.

Pamela Bruner and Make Your Success Easy

“I have been receiving Pamela’s emails for some time now and love the insights that she provides. All of her work is business focussed but with an emphasis on clearing the blocks that hold you back from having the business or life you desire.” Amanda Weston

Pamela Bruner is a Success Coach, Certified EFT Practitioner, Certified Firewalk Instructor, speaker and author. She specializes in helping transformational entrepreneurs make a profit while making a difference in the world. She offers many different products and several of them are for free so you can see if you like her first. Go to her website to find out more.

The Tapping Solution

“This is a very enlightening documentary with a lot of well known people in it. It’s definitely worth a watch or two.” Amanda Weston

The Tapping Solution (formerly “Try It On Everything”) is a Documentary Film that Explores Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a New Discovery that Combines Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology with Startling Results! View the trailer for the movie or receive a FREE Tapping EBook – Tapping Your Way To Health Happiness And Abundance.