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Pen offers a wellbeing practice which takes care of the whole person - Mind - Body - Spirit. She has more than a decade's experience of supporting individuals with their health, wellbeing and life issues. She offers loving and effective support utilising the modalities of Bowen Technique, Pascha Therapy and NLP. She also utilises Flower Essences in her work which are very gentle and yet so effective.

Business Description

Pen’s strength lies in her ability to provide a place of refuge and reflection – a place to take time out from your busy life, reconnect with yourself and become aware of what you really need. Whether your body hurts, your mind weighs upon you or you just don’t feel good – you will receive attention and guidance which truly supports and relaxes you – assisting you towards full health and wellbeing.

Bowen Technique is a gentle form of body work where subtle movements are performed over specific muscle points and connective tissue. These moves stimulate a deep relaxation response within the body which begins a restorative, healing process. It is useful for any physical health issues as well as emotional and stress related problems. It can be performed on everyone from newborns to the elderly and is extremely effective. Some of it’s effects are: stimulates energy flow; facilitates lypmphatic drainage of toxins and waste; promotes good circulation; releases tension; increases mobility and encourages the body to relax, realign and heal itself.

Pascha Therapy is a way of understanding more about yourself and life through working consciously with your feelings. It is deeply healing Soul centred work which will leave you with a renewed connection to and appreciation of yourself.

NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) is mind centred therapy which provides effective methods to change the way you think, feel, act and learn. It is about tapping into the mind-body-soul connection to help make the changes you really want.

Flower Essences are liquid, pattern infused solutions made from individual flowers, stabilised and preserved in brandy alcohol. Each essence contains a specific imprint that responds to imbalances in our physical/emotional/mental or spiritual wellbeing. They work directly with both the electrical and central nervous systems to balance and stabilise thereby assisting in balancing, repairing and restoring health. Pen uses muscle testing to select the exact essences required.

Pen is working from the Pascha Centre at 165 Madras St (Right opposite polytech)

Member: NZ Assn Intuitive and Pascha Therapists; NZ Assn NLP; NZ Bowen Assn and Bowtech Academy; NZ Charter of Health Practitioners




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Address Pascha Centre
165 Madras Street
Christchurch 8011
Phone03 325 1385
Mobile021 024 50050

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