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PHYSIOSOUTH Putting activity back into your life. Activity is a key to life. Whether it is as simple as weeding the garden or as challenging as climbing a mountain, being active helps determine our quality of life. Without it life can lack direction and/or purpose. Clients come to PHYSIOSOUTH to put activity into their lives. Our Promise: No matter what your problem or goal, if we cannot confidently offer you a high chance of success, we will make sure you get to the most appropriate person to help you.

Business Description

Our promise is to ensure that activity is restored – repair (absence of physical impairment/disability), to explore opportunities to enhance activity-perform (improve activity to a higher level, with associated goals such as lose weight, run a 10km race etc ) and then thrive (enhancing what’s best about you to achieve goals in other areas of life). Change management begins with the goal, this vision of the future drives behaviours and actions which ultimately lead to the attainment of this goal – deciding on the goal is often the hardest part. Like climbing a mountain, each step up takes you closer to the top, each day should take you closer to your goal.

For over twenty five years PHYSIOSOUTH has aspired to clinical excellence, however we quickly learned that this was only half of the story. Injury and disease can and usually does affect us all. The key issue is not just the physical adversity but also how you cope with this adversity.

Our story does include leading edge physical therapy, but also the integration of exercise, perseverance and goal setting. This ability to set and achieve the goal (e.g, return to rugby in 4 weeks) is often linked to other achievement goals such as reducing weight, increasing overall activity levels and, with the advent of positive psychology, a more engaged and purposeful life. We have learned in our 25 years, that one achievement leads to another, that returning from injury (south of neutral) can lead to goals set and achieved north of neutral (reduced weight, better performance and activity and a more engaged and focused life). We do not intend to let this opportunity pass by.

How do we bring activity back into your life?

Offering high standards of clinical excellence.

Offering gym-based rehabilitation and activity based programmes.

Access to other areas of knowledge such as nutrition, psychology and exercise prescription.

Staff trained in technical skills but also EQ – emotional intelligence, providing certainty, optimism, encouragement and hopefully, offering a way forward.

Multiple locations allowing easy access.

Online appointment requests are available at our website.

24 hr On Call Emergencies please call 0508 4 PHYSIO (0508 474 974).




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Address Pioneer Sports and Recreation Centre
75 Lyttelton Street
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Phone03 332 2440
MobileFree Phone 0508 4 PHYSIO (0508 474 974)

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