Physiotherapy and Pilates Evolved

At Physiotherapy and Pilates Evolved we take a multidisciplinary approach to treating patients whereby the most effective elements of Physiotherapy, hands-on Massage Therapy and Clinical Pilates are combined to treat specific and non-specific pain caused by a myriad of conditions.

Business Description

At Physiotherapy and Pilates Evolved we help you by diagnosing and treating the cause of your aches and pains, and empower you through education so you can maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Treatments involve thorough analysis, diagnosis, hands on physio, massage therapy and rehabilitation using a combination of Clinical Pilates equipment and practical rehabilitation education.

This encompasses:
• Thorough diagnosis by an internationally trained and chartered physiotherapist;
• Quality care with customised, detailed treatment and rehabilitation plans;
• Hands-on massage therapy and physiotherapy;
• Client empowerment through education and rehabilitation.

We typically specialise in the difficult cases where clients need musculoskeletal rehabilitation (involving both muscles and bones) to aid recovery to full functional capacity. We also treat a growing number of patients who have had little, or no success, with conventional physiotherapy. As a result these patients have been referred to us by specialists, doctors, osteopaths and other patients we have treated from all over Christchurch. ACC referrals are accepted.

Treatments typically include a combination of:
• Physiotherapy
• Massage Therapy and;
• Clinical Pilates

And when required:
• Lymphatic drainage
• Dr Sherwood’s Technique
• Ultrasound treatment
• Stretching
• Mobilisation and Manipulation Therapy
• Strapping
• Myofascial Release
• Acupuncture
• Trigger Point Needling
• Electrotherapy
• Chronic Pain Management




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