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Established in 2001, Pilates Personal Fitness is Christchurch’s first Pilates Studio. We train anyone, big or small, young or old, fit or unfit, in the Pilates Method, to improve fitness, strength and posture, or for rehabilitation of pain and movement disorders. Manager is retired Osteopath, Tim Greene.

Business Description

Earthquake Update: DIRECTIONS FOR GETTING TO US: from Bealey Ave turn down Manchester St, turn left at the lights into Salisbury St, then turn into our back entrance just before the lights where the maroon coloured sign is that says ‘357 Madras’

What ever your lifestyle,
What ever your body,
Pilates has a level of performance to suit you.

Current and recent clients include All Blacks and Crusader rugby players, Silver Fern Netball players, Olympians and Dancers, World Masters Champion Golfer (Junior), along with regular sports people, and the general population. However we also see more delicate people with fragile and arthritic joints and stiffness of movement. We see people with poor posture due to occupational stresses and strains, and also children with poor balance and coordination due to neurological disorders.

Our Training Options:
• Personals, 1 to 1
• Couples / Pairs, 2 to 1
• Small Groups, up to 6 to 1
• Group (Mat) Classes (see timetable on our website)
• At Your Work
• At Your School
• At Your Home

• Male & Female Instructors

We offer Clinical Pilates for:
• Toning & Strengthening
• Aligning your spine
• Flexibility & Movement
• Aging & Stiffness
• Sport – Peak Performance & Rehabilitation
• Stress Relief
• Breathing
• Golf
• Men

Benefits of regular pilates practice:
• Increase core strength and tone of the abdomen, and deeper muscles.
• Increase strength and tone to all muscles, while…
• Maintaining muscle elasticity and joint flexibility.
• Keep the spine and limbs lengthened and well aligned.
• Improve brain/body communication, thereby…
• Improving balance, stability and coordination.
• Improving bio-mechanical (movement) efficiency, so…
• Reducing risk of injury and improving performance and achievement.

We also offer Gyrotonic.




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Address Unit 8
357 Madras Street
Christchurch 8011
Phone03 377 4649

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