The importance of the foot to our general health is underestimated. The sole of the foot is our primary connection to the earth and this connection is very important. Flattening or pronation of the foot begins a chain reaction of effects that can overstress structures throughout the body.

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Poor foot function is the basis for problems in many other parts of the body and attempting to treat these problems without first providing a proper surface under the foot is generally unsatisfactory or provides only temporary relief.

Bruce Baxter, along with other skilled podiatrists, understand the connection between foot function and problems in other parts of the body. Seeing Bruce before starting other therapy can often save time and money. Of course some of these problems may require other therapy or rehabilitation, in which case, Bruce is the ideal person to recommend and refer you on.


The finest selection of Christchurch’s Podiatrists make up the team at Podiatrymed. We have 3 Podiatrists in our clinic who are Registered and Members of Podiatry New Zealand. We also have a Foot Care Assistant who works along side our Podiatrists to provide professional and comprehensive care to all our patients.

Bruce Baxter

Bruce Baxter, the Founder and Director of Podiatrymed has been a podiatrist for 25 years and is an active runner, cyclist and triathlete.

Bruce is President of Podiatry New Zealand and is involved with ongoing education and utilisation of evidence based podiatry. His unique experience as an athlete and Sports Podiatrist has taught him to have great respect for the versatility and resilience of the human foot and also provided him with the ability to accurately assess and cure foot related problems of all types.

Bruce Baxter is ACC approved and an approved Sports Academy Provider.

Bruce was one of the First Foot Specialists in the world to realise that human feet evolved and function flawlessly in a natural environment but are deformed and stressed in our modern environment of pavements and modern footwear.

Many people realise that they have flat or pronated feet. The simple explanation of this is that their normal healthy feet are being distorted and deformed by trying to adapt themselves to our modern shoes and pavements. This adaptive posture of the foot causes misalignment of the feet and legs and stress throughout the body.

Rebecca Gifford

Rebecca is the newest addition to the team at podiatrymed. Recently graduated from AUT Rebecca has a fresh, up to date knowledge of podiatry with a comprehensive understanding of new techniques and concepts entering the field including barefoot running. Snowboarding, running and surf lifesaving are but a few of the sports
Rebecca is involved with.

Personal experience with training, technique and injury management allows Rebecca to relate to and understand the importance of excellence. This is evident in the superior level of services she provides.

Nail and skin conditions are very common and although Rebecca has a true passion for sports based podiatry she still gains great satisfaction in alleviating patients of such issues with her exceptional palliative skills.

Adele Coberger

Adele is a skilled podiatrist with a wealth of experience which she has gained working closely with many of Christchurch’s leading sports physicians and physiotherapists. She has a wide base of knowledge of various foot and lower limb injuries, and of orthotic and footwear prescription.

Previously a national representative in skiing, Adele has experience as an athlete and understands the importance of maintaining healthy feet and foot function to reduce injury risk and achieve optimum performance.

As a mother, Adele has first-hand experience of growing feet and a special interest in treating children’s foot problems.

Adele completed her Diploma in Podiatry in 1993 and her Batchelor of Health Science (Podiatry) in 1995. She is a keen runner, skier, and yoga student.

Consultation & Treatments

From basic foot care (including nail and skin problems) to running and cycling postural analysis, Podiatrymed has a treatment to suit you.

All ages are catered for, from the very young to the elderly, and include childrens’ gait problems, elite athlete management through to geriatric chronic pain and mobility management.

Some of our more common treatments include:
• Functional Strengthening
• Joint Mobilisation
• Deep Tissue Work
• Orthotic Prescription
• Technique Re-training
• Footwear Advice
• Training Advice

Co-ordination and referral with other treatment providers
All Podiatrymed patients receive a comprehensive assessment taking into account clinical, medical and surgical history, footwear currently used as well as occupational and lifestyle factors. Following this, one of our skilled practitioners will identify the correct treatment required – from injury to prevention and performance enhancement.

A more thorough comprehension of foot function may be required if orthotics are to be prescribed. Typically achieved through a physical and computerised assessment, this can include motion studies, gait analysis and postural alignment evaluation.

Footwear assessment will take into account the patient’s current footwear style and fit, its influence on the condition and its capacity to accommodate an orthotic adequately. A diagnosis and prognosis will be discussed prior to prescription as well as a care plan with the patient and/or guardian.




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