Receive The Abundance You Deserve, Deserve The Abundance You Desire

Monday, January 17, 2011 by Amanda

I recently completed a 6 week program called Money Magnificence which was designed to allow the flow of abundance into my life. Sonya Barron, the facilitator, is very intuitive and she lead the group in such a way that everyone got exactly what they needed. She is passionate about women achieving their potential and provided a comfortable environment to learn and grow in. I really enjoyed the sharing and connection of being on a similar path with a group of like minded women.

Before I started the program, I felt that money was something to be managed – frugally – and that I wasn’t attracting enough money into my life. Now, I feel that money is something that flows in and out. All I need is to be open to receiving and I will receive all the money I desire. This proved true during the course when I received money from an unexpected source. I no longer have the ‘frugal’ attitude. I buy quality and when I truly desire something for myself or others I buy it. I don’t buy any of the other stuff that I used to fill the space with. I enjoyed Christmas shopping for the first time in a while by focussing on what each person would really like rather than what would “do” for them. I spent more than I normally would and their pleasure at their gifts made it all worthwhile.

During one of the sessions, I learnt that I had 2 conflicting beliefs – “it’s not OK not to work” and “it’s not OK to work if you’re a mother”. This has caused a huge internal struggle over the last 5 years, since my first daughter was born. I was relieved to clear both those beliefs that evening and feel comfortable with being a working mother. I still choose to put my family first and I have designed my business around family life.

Where have you had conflicting beliefs and what happened when you cleared them?

The next Money Magnificence Workshop is currently advertised on the Workshops page.

2 Responses to “Receive The Abundance You Deserve, Deserve The Abundance You Desire”

  1. Carol Marriott says:

    I was being pressured to leave my job. Both by a work collegue and my husband. Both differing reasons and I wasn’t handling the stress too well. Finally I left, found a job telemarketing from home and the money just flowed in for 5-6 years, just when we needed it. I t truly was amazing, I had been worried about losing a salary and then we didn’t need it.

  2. Amanda says:

    Thanks for your comment Carol. My guess is that there were aspects in the original job that weren’t really you. However, the fear of not having a steady job or losing the income kept you there. Once you found the job you enjoyed, the money flowed.

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