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Reflexology, Relaxation Massage and Reiki - tailored treatments for balance on all levels. Support and navigation through health services specialising in mental health. Aiming to reduce stress and pain and help you Relax, Restore & Recharge!

Business Description

Your therapists – Michelle Withers & Gaston Gevodan

We provide a variety of treatments & support from a centrally located ambient environment with complete focus on you. We aim to help you on your wellness journey, giving you tools to work on yourself and will help to work within budget constraints wherever possible.

Both of us are active members of the Art of Living organisation known for both its humanitarian work and stress relief through the practice of yoga, breathwork & meditation.

About Michelle

I have been a recipient of complementary therapies, especially reflexology, for over 15 years and found it has been a great source of support for a busy lifestyle. Now trained in a number of modalities & in mental health, I am able to support you in navigating your way through health services available and connect you with other practitioners where necessary.

I have both first-hand experience of mental illness and am able to relate on many levels with clients managing their own mental wellness. I also have experienced the cancer journey with close friends and family and have assisted with treatment support.

My therapy work is complemented by the knowledge gained in having worked for the Mental Health Education and Resource Centre here in Christchurch. From time to time, I deliver a consumer perspective on the mental health journey for groups, drawing on my experience supported by complementary therapies.

I also work part-time for Bipolar Support Canterbury as a peer support worker.

About Gaston

I come from Argentina & draw on international experience and training in a huge variety of massage & spa techniques. My interest is in massage and in all supporting therapies which help people improve their quality of life. I have a strong growing interest for all things connecting physical, mental and energetic health.

The years of study since 2003, have been accompanied by dedicated and intensive practice and training. I have incorporated the different techniques, which today give me the possibility to integrate a wide variety of movements, that can be adapted to each client depending on the needs of the body. I feel I can offer a unique treatment experience.

Memberships and Qualifications


Diploma in Reflexology & Relaxation Massage (Canterbury College of Natural
Medicine) 2005
Reiki Levels I & II (2005) Master Cathy Cremen
Ayurvedic Reflexology (SMART Level 1) 2005 – Sharon Stathis
Member of Reflexology NZ
Member of the International Council of Reflexologists
Member of Reiki NZ
Member of Southern Reflexology Group
Finalising Diploma in Aquarian Healing (Robin Rodgers)
Certificate in Nutrition Success (Nutrifit NZ)
Intentional Peer Support Training (Comcare)
ASIST Suicide Intervention Training
Certificates In Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Eating Disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, (Mental Health Education Resource Centre)


Diploma in Corporal Aesthetic Modelling (Swedish Massage) 2003
Professional Development Workshops in:
– Dorsal Pain Relief
– Cervical Pain Relief
– Lumbar Pain Relief 2004
Diploma in De-Stressing Massage and Relaxation Technique 2004
Diploma in Shiatzu Technique 2005
Diploma in Reflexology 2006
Certificate in Chair Massage 2007
Diploma in Californian (Easalen Style Massage including Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release) 2008
Certificate in Hot Stone Massage 2008
Certificate in Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage 2009
Reiki Levels I & II (Master Jorge Magri) 2004
Member of Reiki NZ
Member of Southern Reflexology Group



Reflexology is a specific type of massage where gentle pressure is applied to areas of the feet, hands or ears called reflexes. The reflexes correspond to all parts of the body and by working over on these points with the thumbs and fingers, it assists the body with its natural healing process. Gentle massage strokes are used as well for a stimulating and nurturing effect. Reflexology can be used to address many aspects of ill health or is great for maintenance and general well being.

Reflexology can help many conditions and is recognised as an effective complementary or alternative therapy, which has numerous supporting case studies. Here are some examples:
• Allergies
• Anxiety
• Asthma
• Back and Neck Pain
• Depression
• Diabetes
• Hay Fever
• Hyper/ Hypotension
• Insomnia
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• Infertility
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Pre-Menstrual Tension
• Sciatica
• Sinusitis
• Stress
• Thyroid Imbalance

Reflexology is not a diagnostic therapy. Nor does it replace seeing other medical professionals. It does aim to bring the body back into balance, stimulating its own healing mechanism.

Relaxation Massage

Have you got sore, tight muscles or just want to unwind and treat yourself? The massage style primarily uses Swedish techniques with flowing strokes at a pressure to suit you, designed to relax your muscles and release tension. We use a range of products from locally made balms, aromatherapy oils and can tailor treatment for most circumstances, for example, allergies or scarring.

Where appropriate, we will refer you for treatment to other practitioners, if we feel that will achieve the best outcome for you. We work closely with the team at the Canterbury Neuromuscular Clinic.

Pregnancy massage – This is a time when mum-to-be needs a treat! Same as the relaxation massage but pillows placed appropriately for maximum comfort and the treatment is more tailored to the areas of most discomfort. This is especially beneficial in the last trimester.

Elderly massage – Know somebody who is not always able to get out and about as easily? Talk to us about how we can tailor a mobile visit to someone you care for at their home. The elderly are often touch deprived and a gentle hand massage and some conversation can really brighten their day.


Reiki is complementary to all other services offered and makes a great combination treatment. This is a non-invasive energy treatment and can be done by either laying the hands on the client or slightly off. The client remains fully clothed.

For anyone wishing to learn Reiki, we can assist in referring you to a Reiki Master.




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