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Rushing Woman’s Syndrome

February 11th, 2013 by Elly McGuinness from Natural Balance Health and Fitness


Dr. Libby Weaver

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Do you love coffee to the point that you feel deprived if you cannot get your daily fix? Do you feel you need coffee for energy, to help your brain function, or so you can make your bowels move? Do you have problems with your periods? Feel overwhelmed often? Feel there are not enough hours in the day? These are just a few of the symptoms as described by Dr. Libby of a ‘rushing woman’. If you are a woman who ‘can’t say no’, has a never-ending ‘to-do’ list, gets bloated after eating or finds it hard to relax without wine, then you need to read this book before the serious implications for your health become apparent, if they haven’t already.

In my opinion, stress is one of the most underrated risk factors in health (-it seems to be linked to most illnesses) and it affects a huge number of people in today’s technology mad, target driven, and caffeine fuelled society. Dr Libby explores the effects that our ‘mad rush’ to please everyone, and to do, be and have so many things is having on the different systems of our bodies. These parts of the book use some scientific terminology to help clarify what’s going on inside your body and why these things are manifesting themselves in outwardly symptoms. If this information seems a bit too technical to grasp, you will still gain a good understanding of the key messages as she moves on to explain what the ‘rush’ is costing you.

From my experience working as a health and fitness professional for more than 10 years, I’d predict that 9/10 of the female clients I see are experiencing the consequences of ‘rushing woman’s syndrome’. They will find points within the book that will resonate strongly with them and make them feel as if Dr. Libby has read their mind, or their diary! I believe the majority of women would benefit immensely from reading this book and putting the relevant solutions that are listed into practice immediately. Not next month or next year, but now – our health, happiness and sanity depend on it.



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