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We provide the purest, safest and most efficient Pilates instruction available anywhere today. It provides the feeling of home without sacrificing any of its professionalism. Despite the therapeutic equipment, there is nothing clinical about this rehabilitative studio. The well lit airy space, with views of the ocean and estuary, are conducive to health and wellbeing.

Business Description

Earthquake Update: Since Feb 22nd, 2011, the Scoop the Art of Pilates Studio in Mount Pleasant has moved lessons and operations to Ferrymead. Now we are happily operating out of the Ferrymead Medical Centre. The Pilates Studio is located there on the first floor.

Scoop The Art of Pilates is a fully equipped Pilates Studio. We have two Cadillacs, two Reformers, Wunda Chair, Large Chair, Pedi Pull, Arm Weights, Magic Circles, Ladder Barrel, and Spine Corrector.

Our approach in teaching Pilates is to educate and enliven. Using the Pilates principles we tailor your session to further benefit for your fitness and weight loss goals. Pilates is gentle enough for pregnant women and challenging enough for elite athletes. Pilates is good for everybody. There is no pre-requisite for Pilates, you start where you are.

Charrette Biyce

Certified in New York by Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates’ chosen successor.

I relocated from the USA to Christchurch in January 2005. Prior to moving here, I owned two well regarded Pilates Studios in Massachusetts, staffed by certified professionals and licensed by the Pilates Method Alliance to train and certify Pilates Instructors.

My Pilates apprenticeship began with a 700-hour undertaking in New York City, with Romana Kryzanowska – the protégé of Joseph Pilates – with over six decades of Pilates teaching and teachers training worldwide, including the USA, UK, USSR and Australasia. After this I was employed at internationally known Power Pilates Studios and Real Pilates NYC, two New York centres which strive to preserve the time-proven original Pilates Method.

I am fortunate to have worked with four of the Pilates Elders, a group of master teachers trained by Joseph Pilates. My professional training was primarily with Romana at what was then called Drago’s Gym and now known as True Pilates NY. Additionally, I have studied with Ron Fletcher, Kathy Grant and Mary Bowen.

Through Continuing Professional Education, devotion of time and effort, I gratefully learn more from people including Cynthia Lochard and Juanita Lopez traveling from Chicago, USA to Cynthia Lochard’s Pilates Method Studio in Sydney, and other Pilates teachers. I am dedicated to deepening my understanding and application of Pilates. There is always more to learn.




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Address 77 Mt Pleasant Road
Mt Pleasant
Christchurch 8081
Phone03 384 8005
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