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I am a Nutritionist and Health Coach, who specialises in creating optimal health on a plant-based diet. Healing Clinics and spas around the world use the power of plant-based nutrition for healing and rejuvenation. Health Coaching empowers people to take responsibility for their own health as we work together to create a journey towards meeting their health goals using a combination of nutrition, supplementation, exercise, mindset, and lifestyle and environmental factors.

Business Description

Seeking Health is owned by nutritionist and personal trainer, Cath King. She is able to provide a tailored package to meet all health challenges and health goals. A focus on:

  • vegetarian, vegan and live-food diets
  • detoxification; personally tailored exercise plans
  • yoga
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • meditation and breathing
  • creating sleep sanctuaries
  • super-foods as well as environmental toxins and lifestyle changes.




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Address 10 Juniper Place
Christchurch 8053
Phone03 357 4335
Mobile021 0232 6142

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