Open the door to deep Karmic Soul Healing. Wherever you are in the world, you can participate and receive. In 2005 Carol was given the privilege of a connection to Sekhmet and since then Carol has developed as a healing channel for her energies.

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Soul Healing Techniques

Soul Healing
Soul Healing is effective in releasing old blocks and restrictions in the soul that hold us back from moving forward into our full potential. Some of these blocks are very old, very deep and require a special expertise. Sekhmet is a master in this skill.

Soul Dialogue
Soul Dialogue is an ancient Egyptian skill; simple but powerful. This enables the soul to express a key concern and for Sekhmet to respond.

Flower Essences
Flower Essences are liquid substances made from the energetic blueprint of flowers; sunshine; water and brandy. The general purpose of using the flower essences is to bring harmony and balance into the subtle energy bodies of living creatures.

A very important further purpose is to bring healing into the Karmic levels of the soul energy fields. This is achieved with the gift of special energies from the Elohim (Lords of Light) and the Ascended Masters of the Inner Planes into the essences. These are made specifically to support the karmic work of Sekhmet.

Reiki is a gentle, spiritual healing energy which is for anyone who wishes to learn and receive this. This was given to us by Dr Mikao Usui of Japan in 1922. Many believe there is a life-force energy which flows through us, keeping us alive and well. The Japanese call this ‘ki’, the Chinese ‘chi’ and the Indians, ‘Prana’. Reiki is a method to use this spiritual life-force energy for health and energy.

The techniques are simple and easy to learn. No special talents, beliefs, training or rituals are needed to learn Reiki, only a genuine desire to do so.

Once tuned into Reiki energy, this will flow through your hands to enhance the wellbeing of yourself or another. It can be given almost anywhere at anytime. The only tools needed are your hands and mind.

To accept Reiki into your life is to live with a beautiful spiritual energy which over time, may open your life, your consciousness and spirituality.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST)
CST is a very gentle hands on method of releasing restrictions in the nervous system particularly, and the body generally, using a touch of around 5gms usually.
Somato-Emotional Release (SER) is a method of using CST, dialoguing with the body to release emotional distress held in the tissues. When this is released, the tissues relax and the body is able to function more easily.

Carol Stratford
Channel for Sekhmet’s Soul Healing

My name is Carol Stratford and I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand. I had an early introduction to spirituality as a child which continued until my early 30’s followed by a determined gap in this for the next twenty years. In my early 20’s I lived in Sydney, then returned briefly to beautiful Kaikoura, New Zealand, with the healing power of elemental mountains, going on to Napier with it’s soft energies, brilliant sunshine, sparkling seas and vibrant tradition of brightly painted wooden homes. After the busy metropolis of Sydney, perfect for the expanding, discovering time of life, returning to New Zealand and rediscovering it’s natural beauty, a small friendly community, and local employment was delightful and refreshing.

In 1979, on another turning point, as a ‘late-starter’, I became a student at Canterbury University, beginning a period of mental and academic growth studying the Arts and at the same time beginning emotional growth with learning about psychology and the psychotherapies. The inner worlds were always of more fascination to me than the outer.

In 1987, a turning point, I became a Medical Social Worker. During this time I learned much about our social institutions and organizations and the interconnection between inner and outer, physical health. Still, this was not quite where I wanted to be and I often felt there was an invisible ceiling over my goals. Today I would identify this energy as karmic limitation but at that time I did not consciously ‘know about’ energy, energy alignments or karma.

In 1991, my twin sister and her daughter died in a car crash near Huntly, New Zealand. Although I was still shutting out spirituality, I recall two acts of spiritual mercy at that time. One day at the peak of grief and trauma, feeling I could not absorb even a fraction more stress into my body, an invisible gentle hand touched my head. An energy of peace flowed down the center of my body neutralizing all stress immediately. A short time later, I was connected into Folk and Decorative Art where I received kindness, support and encouragement. The creative energy of art helped counter depression over this time. At the same time that I was experiencing deeper levels of trauma in my life, I was becoming more aware of the deep magnificence of all people. It was as if there was no longer anything to obscure this. Although I was still resisting spiritually, a deepening and a turning within was happening.

In 1995, yet another turning point happened. The small burnouts were becoming bigger and more frequent. Finally I was unable to work at all and spent the next few years trying to revive energy in my weak body. I knew there was a deep problem with energy but I had no idea how to address this. Looking back, I now see this as a deeply karmic period, and unknown to me, deeply spiritual. Beneath everything, spiritual forces were bringing me into a place of direct spiritual service. I did not aim to come into such a place but one day, much later I found myself recognizing that everything in my life had integrated and aligned and that I was standing exactly where I should be, in this spiritual place. After a lifetime of being ‘out of place’, this was surprising but deeply satisfying.

In this period, I was able to study natural healing modalities and courses emerging in 2000 as a Reiki Master/Teacher and to begin the study of Cranio-Sacral-Therapy. I became a Certified Practitioner with the Upledger Institute, U.S.A., in 2007. To be directed into energy work and knowledge through Reiki has been a great blessing in my life and the foundation of my work with Sekhmet which began in 2005.




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