Shunyata Health Retreat/Day Spa

Ocean view life changing healing retreat specialising in ayurvedic detox/weight loss, emotional cellular healing with The Journey and day spa with a difference. Uniquely one on one - all about you.

Business Description

Shunyata is a gorgeous safe homely environment for you to get out of the stresses of life and come and safely detox, lose weight, get healthy, get inspired and clear lifetimes of emotional baggage with pattern of ego. The enneagram and the powerful Journey Process. The uniqueness is it’s very one on one – max 2 people – so whatever is going on will be addressed to the core and you will leave with a new empowering prospective to a new way of living. We do yoga, meditation, coastal walks and provide great healthy nutritious food cooked with love.

Healthy Weight Loss Programme which will stay off

In menopause I had to go through a grief process to realise that finally I couldn’t control my weight any more. Yes like you, food was my drug of choice and for many years I was either stuffing my face or dieting so was so grateful when I could finally eat normally and maintain with a healthy lifestyle. After learning to love my body I held this for nearly 20 years.

But this was not to be in menopause. I am a great believer in when things come to you twice you need to take them on board, so when I was told about the amazing programme of permanent weight loss guaranteed and the temptation of the health and body mind soul connection of this eating. Often people come to my retreat, Shunyata and do a gorgeous healthy liver cleanse and feel great, look great, lose up to 5kg – but we all know if we are a foodie – how easy it is to get back to old ways.

So a deep determination to do this programme and get back to my ideal weight for life.

Come to Shunyata and address the issues to using food, fall deeply in love with your body, address the triggers, lose up to 5kg healthily with a liver cleanse, then continue with the programme that truly works, you and your body truly deserve.

Are you sick of the winter flab!
Do you really want to shed those kg for good!
Do you want to have increased energy and feel in power again!
Do you want to get rid of aches and pains and illnesses caused by overweight?

If you feel like that then go to my website.




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Address 10 Rawhiti Street
Diamond Harbour
Christchurch 8972
Phone03 3294 773
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