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Soulful Health promotes the body's natural ability to repair itself through the use of Sound Therapy, Reiki or a combination of both. Great for stress management, better sleep, increased peace of mind & vitality, and a better balanced life. Reiki and Sound Therapy complement other medical or bodywork treatments you may be currently receiving.

Business Description

After living in Australia for the last 5 years Kayo has now returned to Christchurch as a health practitioner to help people become healthier and happier. She has studied under many great teachers around the world to bring home the knowledge and skills.

Having lived through the devastating Christchurch Earthquakes herself, she understands how the stress can affect ones health. Her passion comes from her own experience of overcoming stress related issues.

Sound Therapy is conducted using Tibetan bowls which are placed around or on the body. The amazing sound and vibrations from these bowls help resolve tension in your body leaving you feel deeply relaxed on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. This work changes the brain frequency to Theta which is when the body’s ability to repair itself is most effective.

Reiki is a hands on energy healing technique. It is a fantastic way to relax and take time out of our busy daily life. Kayo who has masters degree in Usui Reiki also incooperates Sound Therapy into her reiki sessions.

Using her knowledge and strong intuition along with high quality equipment, Kayo offers her clients unique and authentic healing experiences.

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Address Pages Road
Christchurch 8061
Phone022 691 6962

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