The Floatation Sanctuary

Lying totally weightless in silence and darkness, your nervous, skeletal and muscular systems can surrender to total relaxation. The body’s natural response to sensory deprivation is to gently slide into the meditative theta state. Theta is that calm state just before you fall asleep or just before you’re fully awake.

Business Description

At The Floatation Sanctuary, you have a private room with ensuite for showering before and after your float. Gentle music and soft light help you acclimatize to the environment, then slowly fade away. Nearing the end of your float session, you’ll become aware of distant music and soft light which bring you back to full alertness.

The Float Tank is spacious yet embryonic. Many clients say it feels expansive, like floating weightless in space. The water is maintained at relaxed skin temperature (34.8C), making it safe for pregnant mums and ideal for detoxing the body.

1 hour of floating = up to 8 hours of deep sleep

You lie totally supported in a warm concentration of Epsom Salts, (Magnesium Sulphate). Magnesium is the second most abundant element in your cells, and Sulphate improves absorption of nutrients. Both are essential for maintaining a healthy body and help form joint proteins, brain tissue and so much more.

Emotional stress and the pull of gravity are proven to be the causes of many chronic aches and pains, as well as debilitating illnesses. While you float, your body is released from stress and weight. Your brain releases mega-quantities of happy endorphins thus promoting wellbeing and enabling you to approach life with a refreshed mind.

The proven benefits of floating*
• 1 hour of floating = up to 8 hours of deep sleep
• A time efficient, cost effective way to relieve stress, anxiety & fatigue
• Reduces or eliminates pain from tight, sore or tired muscles
• Faster recovery & rehabilitation from injuries
• Detoxes your body & rejuvenates your skin
• Relieves sleep disorders & jet lag
• Lowers blood pressure & increases circulation
• Assists with breaking addictions & weight-loss
• Wonderful, weightless rest during pregnancy
• Improves physical stamina & mental clarity
• Natural depression & pain relief

*Endorsed by medical doctors, scientists & psychologists




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