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The Form is an evolutionary meditation practice that opens and uplifts consciousness. It is a practice for the 21st century, connecting the individual with the ever-present state of stillness within (their Being or conscious awareness) and their fullest evolutionary potential (what they are becoming).

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The Form – Reality Practice™ is a structured movement that can be practiced alone or given to another. It is comprised of five parts; each part opening and integrating a higher, finer frequency of conscious awareness.

The daily practice of The Form opens conscious awareness so you see more clearly how you are being in your daily life, facilitating a profound shift that is integrated through the practice and your living from what it reveals. It enables you to take a step beyond meditation into the full expression of living authenticity and radiant aliveness, whilst deeply rooted in your inner connectivity to source.

The Form is taught worldwide by its founder, Bernie Prior and Accredited Teachers. Courses may be undertaken in anything from Part 1, to Parts 1-5, each part of The Form being an integral practice in itself.

Cassandra Eve is a Senior Teacher in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. She is also global co-ordinator and mentor for teachers worldwide. Cassandra teaches The Form as a practice in itself and also into courses on conscious relating and for women. Go to for further information.




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