The Healing Power of Sound

January 25th, 2011 by Sarah Stirling, Ph.D. from The Stirling Foundation

This article introduces the concept of healing through sound. Sound has been used to effect changes in the physical world for eons. In this day and age, we harness the curative effects of sound to shatter kidney stones and control certain bacterial and viral infections, while ultrasound is commonly used for visual imaging during medical procedures. However, in these procedures we are only tapping on the very tip to the iceberg with regard to the healing potential of sound.

Everything in the universe is ultimately composed of sound; that is, a set of vibrations that gives each type of matter its unique properties. Consider our bodies, which are made up of trillions of cells, which are in turn made up of countless molecules that each vibrate at a distinct frequency (or sound). If we pan out to the macro level again, these molecular vibrations combine to a unique signal that each of us emit (the human energy field). These signals are routinely measured in the form of electroencephalograms and electrocardiograms to gauge the health of the body and to get an operational image of the brain or heart.

Throughout history, ancient mystics have detailed comprehensive descriptions of the human energy field. These descriptions have commonalitlies that span across many cultures and civilisations. However, the concept of an energetic human body was dismissed in the victorian age, when science demanded that something must be proven to exist in order to do so. At this point, the cumulative advances made by these ancient societies was lost from the modern medical establishment. Since this time, ancient vibrational energy healing techniques, such as Reiki, have continued to thrive, parallel to the advances made through the understanding gained through scientific discovery. The time is nearly upon us where science, as a collective, will have the “ureka” moment that will allow the scientific establisment to proclaim that the ancient mystics were right all along. In fact, this research has already happened. More and more scientific reports are emerging that combine the principles of quantum physics and biology, proving the existence of the human energy field.

So how does this all relate back to sound? Well, the ancient mystics describe a complex system of energy flow throughout our bodies. The primary sites of energy exchange between our bodies and the universe occur in seven main centres throughout the body. These centres (called chakras) correspond with major endocrine glands and internal organs and each has a unique set of characterstics. When a person is in good health, energy flows freely through each of these centres. Conversely, blockages lead to dis-ease in the energy system, which present as physical symptoms in your body. Each of these centres vibrates (or sounds) at a specfic frequency. The property of sounds of like frequencies to harmonise each other allows sounds corresponding to the frequency of each energy centre in your body to restore the vibration of these centres to harmonic balance, in turn restoring energy flow to the body’s energy field as a whole. Thus, sound is the key to balancing these sites and can be used to restore health to an imbalanced system.

For further information on this topic, please refer to Jonathan Goldman’s work ( Excellent accounts of the science supporting the human energy field can be found in the books by Bruce Lipton Ph.D. The biology of belief Hay House Inc. (2008) and Dawson Church Ph.D. The genie in your genes Energy Psychology Press (2009).



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