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The Light House is a venue for services, products and courses to help with your health, wellbeing and spiritual growth. This includes Isbell Medical Practice, Christchurch Flower Essences, Light House Illumination and Awakening Your Light Body.

Business Description

Dr Wendy Rose Isbell
Isbell Medical Practice Ltd

I am a doctor specializing in medical assessments and general practice, as well as alternative treatment options. I offer my patients the full range of medical care. I do a full medical assessment for all my new patients, and at other times when it can be helpful. I arrange laboratory tests and Xrays when appropriate.

As well as conventional medicine, I offer complementary treatment with homeopathy, flower essences and Homeobotanicals. I can give you informed information about these treatments, but do not push you to take them.

I think it is important for my patients to have good medical care as well as good complementary or alternative medicine. I have a special interest in treating a variety of medical and psychological conditions in children and adults. I deal with stress management and enjoy treating people who are not functioning optimally. My aim is to help my patients to their best possible health and wellbeing.

Light House Illumination Ltd

Light House Illumination Ltd is an organization dedicated to helping with your personal and spiritual growth. It sponsors a number of projects initiated by Dr Wendy Rose Isbell, broadly in the categories of Essences, Meditation and Channeling.

Christchurch Flower Essences

Developed by Dr Wendy Rose Isbell, Essences of the Light House® have been made in the tradition of Flower Essences that started with Dr Edward Bach, and has since been extended to include Flower Essences from all around the world.

Flower Essences are natural remedies from the flowers of bulbs, trees and garden plants by a special technique. They are liquid, potentised plant preparations which carry imprints of specific flowers.

Flower Essences are designed to help transform emotions, attitudes and patterns of behaviour that hinder the person’s full development or potential. They do not directly treat disease or illness but help to stabilise emotional and psychological stresses.

The Essences are not a substitute for other medication or treatment. If you have a health problem please see your doctor, homoeopath, psychologist or registered health professional.

Awakening Your Light Body

The Awakening Your Light Body course was developed by DaBen and Orin through Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman for you, who are on a path of initiation, who are ready at this time, and who want to shift your vibratory note to a higher level. This is a powerful time of initiation and spiritual transformation as new, higher energies of light come to the earth plane.

This is a course for you who are the teachers, healers and leaders (even if you have not acknowledged yet who you are). It is for you who are ready to own your power, open to the new, and live in higher ways than you know are possible.

The Awakening Your Light Body course is a step-by-step programme of meditation to teach you how to live in higher consciousness and become aware of increasingly higher planes of reality.

This will be the year of taking a quantum leap in your spiritual growth.

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