The Power of The Form

August 2nd, 2011 by Cassandra Eve from The Form Reality Practice

Consider the beauty of a gentle breeze moving the leaves of a tree, soft sunlight filtering through the branches, lighting up every subtle movement of life within its beam. Feel the power of a storm, awesome in its strength of cleansing; shattering what has served its purpose, opening the way for new life. Contemplate the profoundly deep silence of a starry winter’s night, breathtaking in its vast beauty and stillness – no sound, no movement – utter peace. These reflections within nature go some way to describe my experience and knowing of The Form – Reality Practice.

What is The Form – Reality Practice? It is a conscious practice consisting of a series of flowing movements. These movements are performed in a particular sequence around a seated individual, or may be practiced alone. They reveal how the formless reality that we are as essence flows through form (bodies of every kind on Earth) as different frequencies – embodying the flow of light frequencies and energy in the cosmos, all the way through to manifest form. The Form demonstrates also where we as individuals, block that flow through identification and attachment to those many forms of life – in other words, through holding on to the bodies we know and love (our own and others), our thought forms, emotions and creation.

In my direct experience the practice of The Form in one’s life is a profound commitment to transformation. We evolve through this practice and the conscious integration of awareness of divinity (formless energy) and form (matter) takes place. Of course formlessness and form are already one; unless we know and live this consciously however, it has no reality on the Earth. The Form is the bridge that opens the way for the individual to live fully what they are at source, to bring the power of living reality here. Demonstrating the evolutionary purpose of every aspect of our lives, The Form integrates formlessness and form. It is the bridge that opens the knowing of divine formless nature of the Self with the ongoing development of consciousness within form.

To live one’s ordinary life from a deep place of stillness, unperturbed by problems or conflict, is to live a conscious life. The Form shows us how to allow the feelings that arise when challenged by life circumstances and how to transform them. In this movement where we place our values or meaning becomes evident and a natural evolution occurs where the old patterns of conditioning give way to the inspiration to be new. In my experience, through commitment to this practice – not only through the movement of The Form but in consciously living what it shows me – understanding and integration of new awareness through every expressive form happens. This opens awareness of the right place of mind – in service of the true heart; the surrender to fully feel emotion – without making a drama of it; the willingness to flow with life and to honour this body form through which formless reality expresses.

Many of us take up meditation and other practices to still the mind and find inner peace. The Form is similar to meditation in that it takes us into the deep within and yet its power is totally different – for its conscious movement demonstrates how to move through life from a place of aware stillness. It demonstrates that whatever is happening within the flow of life, stillness is the origin and how to come fully alive in that, as that. It brings understanding of the play of life in awareness. Through the practice of The Form we learn how to rest in awareness of our true nature, moving from that place rather than from the contents of awareness (forms moving as thought or emotion). Demonstrating how to give value and meaning to the inspiration to be new, rather than old patterns, The Form shows us how – no matter what is happening – we can action from a pure space, allowing everything to be at rest within the vastness of space within. My experience of this is life without effort, struggle, projection or holding back – a pure free movement. As we recognize this free flow and what happens when we interject our personal reality into it, we begin to discover higher life values and a clearer purpose of life. No longer do we value the drama of emotion or self-concern. Our value lies in being fully present, allowing the deep to move us and in enjoying the aliveness that flows naturally from that place.

When I’m experiencing profound transformation, The Form reveals how to rest deeply within the experience. The impulse to fix, challenge or escape from my humanness is gone. To rest deeply within experience is to heal. This tender acceptance of ‘what is’ allows action to arise in a real way. I can feel the formless nature of Self holding my humanness, enabling a deepening surrender to life’s challenges. It encourages me to surrender old forms of life and inspires me to allow new forms of expression to arise. In its movement a profound tenderness arises, a sweet caress that encourages me to let go, to flow and to allow all of life’s experiences to pierce me. It shows me how to surrender patterns arising in the experience of life, by remaining grounded in awareness.

Although The Form has been used as a modality by healers and therapists to assist in the processes of birthing, transformation and dying, it is more than a modality. It reveals what we are and how that moves as forms of life. It is relevant to every part of our lives. Ellie, who has learnt just the first two parts of The Form, is an art student. Recently receiving commendation for a painting created through practice of The Form, she says “The Form is rapidly becoming a very important part of my process in making art. I started with doing the Form practice two or three times and then I just started painting. I had no idea of how the finished product would look; my main aim was to allow the painting to develop as it will. Every time I felt the need to control the process I would go back to The Form, then back to the painting to paint another layer…. some layers looked really awful and I got very disillusioned at times. It was a real lesson in trusting the process and breaking through difficult phases when you just want to give up.

Ellie also practices The Form within her partnership – “I have been amazed at how I can pick up on what’s truly going on for Rob ….. when I go back to him after an upset or something I can see things clearly and often without blame.” Couples who practice The Form regularly reveal that no matter what is happening on the surface of their relating, the movement opens the original love that brought them together – the depth of connectedness that is always there beneath the play of forms of expression.

The Form – Reality Practice reveals the power of the formless moving through the forms of individuality. It came about through Realised consciousness, is held by That and has opened as profound Realization for several individuals. The Form is a paradox – for it is a life-changing practice, yet it is who we are. It is taught worldwide as a vehicle of transformation for humanity by its founder, Bernie Prior and Accredited Teachers of The Form.

Since The Form Retreat, I have been in awe and wonderment of the profound beauty in life where every movement is seen as a movement towards love within the dance of love. The inner shift is permanent.
Dr Pee Tek Chan, Author, Medical Doctor



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