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Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool which uses a relaxation technique to access the subconscious mind and re-program unwanted patterns of behaviour.

Business Description

Hypnotherapy can assist you with many problems areas including:
• Smoking
• Weight Reduction
• Sleep problems
• Stress or Anxiety
• Enuresis (bedwetting)
• Nail biting
• Pain Relief
• Fears and Phobias
• Confidence
• Public Speaking
• Sporting Improvement
• Plus many more …

Quit Smoking

Become Smoke-Free
Hypnotherapy has proven to be a highly successful method of stopping smoking for those who are ready to commit to being a permanent non-smoker. By using hypnosis to access the subconscious mind, we can decrease desires and urges to smoke, assist with the removal of toxins from the body, encourage the body to repair itself more speedily, and re-program learned habits previously associated with smoking. Often one session is enough, however a follow-up session is recommended to reinforce your new smokefree status. We also strongly recommend using our CD daily for at least the first two weeks, “Achieve Your Goals – Become a Non-Smoker”.

At Transform Hypnotherapy we use a Positive Steps technique to remove your old smoking habits and replace them with a new, smokefree you. As we will have re-programmed your subconscious mind and your “subconsious smoker”, there are often little or no withdrawal effects from stopping smoking. The initial session takes about an hour to an hour and a half, and any follow-up session will take about 45 minutes.

Weight Reduction

There are many reasons why a person may become overweight; deeper issues that often need to be dealt with first before food choices, portion sizes and exercise are discussed. Often these issues are not obvious to a person, however by accessing the subconscious mind, these issues may be quickly accessed and then resolved.

By using Hypnotherapy to resolve these deeper issues, it is often not only a persons body shape and size that benefits.

At Transform Hypnotherapy, we can re-program your eating habits, your attitude to food and exercise, and improve your confidence, motivation and self-image.

The initial session takes about an hour to an hour and a half, and any follow-up session will take about 45 minutes. We recommend at least two sessions to reinforce the changes, and strongly recommend the daily use of our CD “Achieve Your Goals – Weight Reduction and Healthy Lifestyle” for at least the first two weeks.

Sleep, Anxiety, Stress

Today’s busy lifestyles can often lead to high levels of stress and anxiety, which can impact negatively upon our sleep patterns and how we interact with those around us.

By using Hypnotherapy to relieve your stress levels, you are dealing with the root causes and how you react to them, rather than simply masking their effects.

At Transform Hypnotherapy, we can also teach you relaxation techniques that will help you more easily deal with future situations that may have previously caused you to feel anxiety.

Often one session is sufficient to deal with issues relating to stress and sleep, particularly when our CD “Achieve Your Goals – Stress Relief and Relaxation” is used in conjunction with a treatment session; however a second follow-up session can be very beneficial to reinforce the changes.




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