Week 1 On Cura Romana Weight Loss Program

Thursday, November 11, 2010 by Amanda

Week one is over and already I am 3.3 kilos lighter (than before I started my feast days), my clothes are feeling looser (due to losing 21.5cm over 14 measurements) and I am feeling great. The quickest I have ever lost weight before is 7 kgs in 3 ½ weeks.

The first 2 days – feast days – were fantastic and not much of a change from the 3-4 feast weeks I had prior to starting the program except that they were completely guilt free. With the help of a 40th birthday party and staying out dancing and drinking until 4am, I managed to put on almost a kilo in 1 day. I am a bit sad that wine may disagree with my body and cause me to eliminate it from my diet but I know I will not be able to knowingly harm my body any longer. Ignorance can be bliss in the short term!

The next 5 days were easy in their simplicity especially since I didn’t have much energy to be creative. It is helpful that I haven’t got bored with the choices, yet. What I have found hard is not being able to use food as a crutch or pick me up when I’m tired or emotional. I have found myself regularly looking in the pantry or fridge and thinking “in the past, I would have had this or that and I would have felt good”. Instead I breathed (as suggested) – a useful life skill but not quite as satisfying.

I experienced a few things during the week:

  • Itching of the skin around my eyes due to my liver detoxing – no surprise there being the wine lover that I was and potentially still am. Only time will tell.
  • Extreme exhaustion for the first 3 days on the food plan (day 3 to 5). I tried to take it as easy as I could with 2 young children. Epsom salt baths were recommended and I managed one. By day 6 I had more energy than I have had for a long time.
  • Several audios and voicemails to increase my knowledge of the program and answer my many questions.
  • A couple of mornings where I was a bit hungry but it was nothing major and completely understandable due to my excesses on my feast days. Again, I breathed and got on with it.
  • Several realisations about destructive patterns from the past which I was still unknowingly running in the present. By being consciously aware of these, I was able to start to change my behaviour.
  • An immense sense of calm and contentedness.

So, I end the first week 3.3 kilos lighter, 21.5 cm smaller overall, with a calm and contented countenance. Thank you Leslie and Cura Romana.

Anyone else spring cleaning or starting something new?

4 Responses to “Week 1 On Cura Romana Weight Loss Program”

  1. Eileen says:

    I am having a rather extreem reaction to the vast amounts of vit c. Do you have an address i can use to take advice. ps day 3 of first week. x

  2. Amanda says:

    Hi Eileen. You can contact Leslie Kenton from the UK/Europe on +44 020 3287 4787. I wish you all the best on the program and hope that you managed to get through the teething issues and have the positive experience that I did. Amanda

  3. Shaza says:

    I know Eileen’s comment was posted a few years ago… but here’s some additional input… Vitamin C in large doses can bring on diarrhea (although Eileen doesn’t specify what her reaction is). That’s generally a sign that your body doesn’t need all that Vit C (at least at once).

    My recommendation is to make sure you are splitting the Vit C throughout the day – I take 1000mg, 3 times throughout the day. Also I use a time release formula to make sure my body is getting a slower steadier amount incoming.

    Hope that is helpful.

  4. Amanda says:

    I didn’t experience diarrhea when I was on the program but it’s a good caution for someone who does to split it out over the day. My understanding is that the high dose is to help counteract the detox which is happening. Thanks for your contribution. Amanda

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