Week 10 On Cura Romana And Week 4 On Consolidation

Thursday, January 13, 2011 by Amanda

Leslie noticed this week that I seemed to be drawn to fats and she asked about my breast feeding history. In her experience, if you don’t sufficiently receive the essential fats that are only in breast milk as a baby then you crave fats as an adult. This has certainly been the case for me and I was only breastfed for 2 weeks and then mum ended up in hospital and I had to stay home. After a few days of attempting to express and send me the milk on the mail bus, it turned out that the postal service wasn’t equipped for this! And that was the end of breastfeeding for me.

A few interesting things have happened this week:

  • I actually enjoyed doing housework and it has been a long time since I could say that. I think it’s because I am meeting my needs/desires first and so I am enjoying everything.
  • We went to stay at my in-laws and I hadn’t thought to mention that I wasn’t eating grains or sugars. Dinner the first night was meatloaf with breadcrumbs in it and I ate it to be polite. I apologised to my body immediately and either there was not enough to cause a reaction, I don’t react to wheat (very unlikely) or my body accepted the apology. Whichever one, I was very pleased to maintain my weight and energy.
  • I realised that even though I was allowed to drink wine after the first few days of Consolidation, I have had no desire to even try it. This is despite the fact that I was an avid wine drinker before Cura Romana.

What have you found interesting this week?

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