Week 11 On Cura Romana And Week 5 On Consolidation

Thursday, January 20, 2011 by Amanda

This week started off with Christmas day and if you hadn’t realised it before now, there is a delay in me posting these blogs which gives me time to write and review them. In general, I was happy with my eating pattern on the day as it was a huge improvement over previous Christmases. However, at the end of the day, I felt like I had eaten too much. I apologised to my body several times and asked for guidance to counteract it. I also did some tapping (EFT) on my issues regarding the day – particularly the speed at which I ate, feeling like I was missing out and doing what others did so that I fitted in.

My body certainly let me know that it didn’t like the excesses I had consumed and I gained 2kgs in one day. This meant I had to take immediate corrective action which was a very restricted diet for Boxing Day. I had to do some writing on this as I was very resistant to it and particularly to having other people know what I was doing. After writing for approximately 30 minutes, I was at peace with it and so able to do what I needed to. My body responded well by dropping 1.2kgs in a day and I felt much happier.

I was able to start introducing grains and sugars last week but I wasn’t in any hurry. There are still so many proteins that I want to try so I waited until this week to introduce sugars. Possibly an unusual choice but I started with icing sugar on boysenberries and raspberries. Mmmm!

After celebrating Christmas Day and New Years Eve with a glass of Moet, I am pleased to say that my body likes good wine. What a relief! At the moment, I have my ideal regarding alcohol … I can have one glass of wine, enjoy it and then have no desire for more. I found on the occasion that I tried a second glass that it didn’t taste at all nice from about half way through.

I come from a family that habitually overeats at Christmas – it is quite usual to have more desserts on the table than there are people! It is also quite normal for the roast veges to be forgotten in the oven because the table is full. Next year will be a challenge for me to introduce some healthier options to our festivities.

What do you have at Christmas or other special occasions that is yummy yet healthy?

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