Week 12 On Cura Romana And Week 6 On Consolidation

Thursday, January 27, 2011 by Amanda

As I have mentioned before, several times probably, I love good wine. My favourite is aged wine particularly oaked Chardonnay. However, this week I tasted a wine that was a bit past it. Not quite corked but close. I surprised myself immensely by choosing not to drink it. My taste buds seem to be more refined now and I don’t choose to eat or drink anything I don’t like.

I came to the realisation this week that although my body may not be intolerant to certain foods (particularly sugars) that they are still not necessarily good choices for my overall health. I had noticed that I was having several ‘treats’ and decided to reduce these. I think part of it is conditioning from the past of how to act during a holiday period. Also, I have noticed that my body reacts a bit when I overeat – weight gain, lower energy and feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Leslie confirmed my thoughts after reviewing my report for the week. However, I just had to try it out one more time to make sure and so I ate raw cake mixture when I was doing some baking and regretted it an hour later. I started snapping at my children and was very irritable and tired. It lasted for about 4 hours even though I managed to have a rest. I learnt my lesson and am in no hurry to repeat those feelings.

It amazes me how quick my body is to respond. I can see now that feelings I regularly had in the past were caused by the food I was eating. Ironically, I often tried to pep myself up with more of these foods which just exasperated the problem. I am forever grateful for my new understandings and how in tune I am to my body and what it needs.

What do you and your body need right now?

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