Week 13 On Cura Romana And The Last Few Days On Consolidation

Thursday, February 3, 2011 by Amanda

Cura Romana officially finished half way through this week and the main change for me is that I am no longer recording everything that I eat and drink. I am still mentally keeping track of how much water I have had in a day, writing down new foods as I introduce them, noticing my energy levels and weighing myself regularly. I intend to continue introducing one food every few days until I have tested all the foods I want to. I haven’t introduced many grains yet as I suspect that many of them will react with my body.

Since I started my 6 weeks of consolidation, I have lost a further 1.2 kgs and 6 cms. I am hopeful that the weight will continue to drop gradually over the next few weeks. I believe that my body still has approximately 7 – 10 kgs to lose to achieve its’ ideal weight. This will be a rather slow process at the current rate so I suspect that I will be tempted to complete another program, in a couple of months, to shed the remainder in one go and then consolidate it again. The lure of that rapid weight loss is very strong and it was so easy!

Thank you to Leslie for supporting me on my Cura Romana journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and love my new body and new way of doing things. Thank you also to all my readers – I think that writing these blogs has really helped me to recognise the huge changes that I have made and the new understandings that I have come to.

I will continue to update you periodically on my progress and particularly my ability to maintain my weight and make this a permanent change in my life. This to me is the value of this program – the promise that it is permanent weight loss provided I only consume food that my body loves.

Where have you made permanent changes in your life and how did you do it?

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