Week 3 On Cura Romana Weight Loss Program

Thursday, November 25, 2010 by Amanda

I have really accepted now that it is OK for my body to lose weight at whatever rate it chooses and in whatever way it decides. To give it the chance to do this fully, I have decided to extend the program to the maximum of 45 days. I feel that this will allow my body to really clear itself out so that I can start from a clean slate when I start to reintroduce foods. Besides, I have been conditioned over the years to feel that I must suffer and I’m not doing that yet.

It turns out I am probably intolerant to gluten and hence the cravings last week. I have stopped having the breadstick and find it easier in now there are only 3 things to remember for each meal. This makes more of a difference when I am eating away from home which I have been doing a bit lately. I have taken my own food with me as it is just easier at this stage. Family and friends have had lots of questions but are generally Ok with it.

I tried out Liberty Market this weekend and was not at all impressed with the range or quality of veges. I later learned that their produce all arrives on a Tuesday. At least now I have a place I can buy stuff during the week if I happen to be away for the weekend. I am slowly getting the mechanics of my new eating sorted out.

My weight hit a plateau for most of this week and then I lost 1.1 kgs in the last 2 days. Apparently this is quite normal because the fat has been burned out of the cell but the cell hasn’t yet had time to shrink and so it fills up with water. This plateau is common in people who lose weight rapidly at the start as I have been. I was very surprised that I accepted the explanation and trusted that my body would start to lose weight again when it was ready. I didn’t feel any need to kick start the weight loss again which I could have done (with a special process). I was also told that even though I wasn’t losing weight on a plateau, I would be losing inches (or cms) and this was certainly the case with 16 cm overall disappearing without a trace. Yahoo!

Towards the end of the week I found myself smiling a lot for no apparent reason. I also found that I was very centered and unswayed by other peoples’ moods. I find myself focussing on the present moment more each day and am managing to follow my intuition as to what to do next. In the past, I would push push push to get through my list of jobs for the day which was never achievable.

What makes you smile? What makes you happy? Do you think about this often and make sure that you do things each day to make you happy?

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