Week 4 On Cura Romana Weight Loss Program

Sunday, December 5, 2010 by Amanda

Well, the weight has started to drop off again … and people are starting to notice. After years of defending my dieting as ‘a healthy eating plan’ or ‘cutting back’, I am quite enjoying saying ‘I am on a diet’. I have a quiet confidence that this is the last diet I will ever need and so I am happy to call it what it is.

It appears that not only do I have an intolerance to gluten but I also have slow lymphatic function and therefore a slow metabolism. Leslie gave me 2 suggestions to energise my body and encourage lymphatic drainage – one, brushing my body with a natural fibre dry skin brush and, two, rebounding. I went straight out to the trampoline and had a bounce around with my girls. Normally, I would go on the trampoline but sit down as soon as I could get away with it. After my first spurt of enthusiasm for rebounding, I realise as I write this that I completely forgot about it and haven’t done it since. I don’t have a brush yet either as I have no idea where to buy one.

This week I managed to survive a night camping in the snow in an attempt for my husband to ride in the Molesworth Muster Mountain Bike Adventure. It wasn’t a great reintroduction to camping which I haven’t done for 10 years. I did manage to stay warm though by sleeping with 2 layers of clothing (including thermals), a hat, and my sleeping bag over my head all night!

Another first this week was an evening out with friends. It was really strange that mentally I wanted to drink and eat but not physically. I tapped discreetly and was comfortable to sip water for the rest of the evening. Leslie tells me that the lack of physical need to eat and drink is due to the deep connection that I now have with my body and what its’ needs are. Great, I will have to ensure that this continues.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I wasn’t able to fit into the dress I had planned to wear to Cup Day so the day before I went shopping. The universe was definitely acting in my favour as I found the most gorgeous dress, borrowed a great hat, and managed to get a last minute spray tan (ignorance is bliss right now as to the effects of this). I had a wonderful day sipping my soda water and vanilla while everyone else got progressively drunker as the day went on. I also had great fun dancing until midnight. I did get a few surprised looks from guys who asked to buy me a drink and then found out that I was sober. Lots of inner laughs for me!

My weight this week has been a bit yo-yo and so Leslie has suggested an Apple Day which is how you get your body to let go off all the water that it is storing in the cells where the fat has already burnt away. How easy is this, all I had to do today was eat an apple whenever I felt like one – and keep taking my homeopathics of course. I will let you know about the outcome of it next week.

Has anyone else tried something new this week? What was the outcome or how did you find it?

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