Week 5 On Cura Romana Weight Loss Program

Thursday, December 9, 2010 by Amanda

The Apple Day I did at the end of last week had me losing 1.3kgs in 3 days but then my cells seemed to fill up again fairly quickly as my weight returned to it’s yo-yo-ing. Roll on another Apple Day which I am more than happy about as it is so easy and causes rapid weight loss over the few days after it. This week I had a total weight loss of 1.8kgs and 6 cms overall.

In a random conversation with a friend this week, I finally found out where to buy a natural fibre dry body brush (The Body Shop) and I have one now. I will start brushing each day to improve my lymphatic function. I will also try to remember to get out onto the trampoline – with or without the children.

We went to Lake Tekapo for a long weekend and I really enjoyed it. The weather was great, the lake was a gorgeous turquoise colour and there was snow on the surrounding mountains – absolutely stunning! We relaxed in the hot pools and I took a few strolls around the lake. I just wandered and didn’t feel my usual need to achieve something on my walks. Eg. Get to the top of the hill, preferably faster than last time.

I bought some Stevia this week. It’s a calorie free natural sweetener and I used it on a grapefruit. What a huge improvement as the last one was soooo sour. In contrast, the stevia is sickly sweet and you only need to use a very small amount. I licked a bit off my finger – yuk – too sweet and I didn’t think I would ever say that.

This week I have started to get a bit bored with the food choices but that it mostly due to my lethargy around preparing interesting meals for myself. By the time I have decided what to feed the rest of the family and got it ready, I only have a few minutes left for me so I just throw my meal together. I am looking forward to consolidation when I can introduce more foods and, hopefully, new meals to the family.

Overall, I am finding this program very easy because the homeopathic means that I don’t get hungry. Things that would normally tempt me don’t because I don’t have any desire to eat. Even when I mentally decide that something would be nice, my body doesn’t have any desire for it and, therefore, I have no problem passing it by. It’s just so easy.

What are you doing that you find really easy? Is it work or pleasure or both combined?

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