Week 6 On Cura Romana And The Last Week Of Rapid Weight Loss

Thursday, December 16, 2010 by Amanda

What a wonderful week! A huge thank you goes to my body for the way it has supported me so far on my Cura Romana journey and for the lessons it is teaching me. This week I lost the least weight of any week so far (1 kg) and yet I lost a whopping 21.5 cms overall. This included 3 cms off my chest and 4 cms off my waist! This is the same overall amount I lost in the first week when I also lost 3.3 kgs. To all of you out there trying to lose weight, please make sure you are taking your measurements and tracking other things such as your energy and well being. This week has really taught me at a deep level that it is not only about the weight. The reduction in size is great as well but more important than that, is my health. This is often an overlooked area, especially by me, and in the past I have chosen not to think about the long term health effects of many of my choices. I am pleased to say that my thinking has completely changed, sometime in the last 6 weeks, and I now intend to make my choices while considering my future health.

I realised this week that I am feeling very different about food. In the past, I couldn’t wait to get to my goal weight so that I could stop depriving myself. This time, I am excited about creating new meals and especially the one-meal salads suggested. In the past, I would feel ripped off if all I had for a meal was a salad. For example, if I was to eat out and have a Caesar salad, I would always order chips to go with it. Now, I look forward to all the wonderful creations I can make using proteins, nuts and seeds.

I am finding it easier to stay in the present moment and to follow my intuition as to what to do next. Although I am still very busy, everything seems to fit into place and I don’t seem to forget anything. I no longer desire a sleep after lunch and I am sleeping well at night. I find it easier to fall back to sleep if I am woken in the night as my head doesn’t seemed to be whirring so much with everything I need to do – yesterday! I am also enjoying life more and taking the time to do this.

What changes have you made that have really influenced your health in a positive way?

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