Week 7 On Cura Romana And Moving In To Consolidation

Thursday, December 23, 2010 by Amanda

This week was a big turning point with moving from the strict food plan and homeopathics into the consolidation phase. As it was suggested that I ease myself into new foods, all it really meant was that I was able to eat more simple proteins, add some fats and mix vegetables at a meal. This freedom has been wonderful and my body has responded well. My favourite meal was steak with garlic butter prawns and scallops. Mmmmm! Of course, with a great big salad.

I think it would be useful to summarise the last 7 weeks and what has changed for my body in that time:

  • I have lost a total of 89 cms over 14 measurements.
  • I have lost 12.1 kgs
  • I like the look of my body both clothed and not – even though I haven’t reached my goal weight.
  • The cellulite has completely disappeared from my thighs.
  • My regular stream of pimples has become infrequent.
  • I can fit into some of my top shelf clothes – let me explain.

In my wardrobe I have 3 shelves – the first shelf is clothes I currently wear, the second shelf is clothes that will fit next (the next size down), and the top shelf is the shelf I have aspired to get back in to since I was pregnant with my first daughter (who is now 5). AND on Monday I got the inspiration to try on a pair of jeans from the top shelf and I wore them that day!!!! Ooooh, did I feel good. I then proceeded to go through the rest of my clothes and removed a huge bag that are now too big and moved a lot of clothes down the shelves. I still have several top shelf clothes that don’t fit yet as I am still approximately 7kgs heavier than I was when I purchased them but I am confident that I will get back into them.

I look forward to next week when I get to start introducing other proteins.

What exciting things have been happening for you lately?

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