Week 9 On Cura Romana And Week 3 On Consolidation

Thursday, January 6, 2011 by Amanda

After starting to doubt whether I was missing the signs that my body didn’t like a food, I reacted. I had Double Cream Brie for lunch and the next morning I couldn’t make myself get out of bed. Luckily school had finished for the girls and so I stayed in bed until 9am, while they played around me. I put on 1 kg in less than a day and was lethargic all day until about 7pm. I have no desire to repeat this experience.

Part way through the day, I realized that prior to Cura Romana this was a normal experience for me and I would feel like this several days a week if not every day. This was confirmation for me on how good I had been feeling – the joy, the peace, the clarity of mind, the energy, …

As putting on a kilo had pushed me over the maximum weight gain, I immediately undertook the protocol to counteract the effects of my reaction to the Brie. This worked very well and the next morning I woke feeling energized and 1.2kgs lighter. What a relief!

Since then, I have decided to muscle test (kinesiology) new foods before I try them. I want to avoid those feelings at all cost – even if they only last a day. To me right now, no food is worth that feeling for a whole day. I really like this new thinking that I have adopted.

What new ways of thinking have you come up with recently and how have they benefited you?

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  1. Alison Leslie says:

    Hello Amanda, I have just read your account of your experience with Curaromana. It made me laugh so much, your dieting habits are MINE.You wrote that some time ago, and I am keen to know have you managed your weight since 2011.
    I am into my second week of using the spray , and I feel great, but I am terrified of consolidation, and introducing new foods.I can’t help worrying that all the hard work will be in vain . I hope you reply as it is nice to read another Kiwi experience, regards Alison

  2. Amanda says:

    Hi Alison, over the last 2 years I have decided to ignore what is good for me a few times and have got into a bad cycle and put some weight on. At the end of last year I completed another program and got a new level of realisations. In particular, I realise how bad sugar is for me and what a bad cycle of cravings it puts me in to. I also noticed more than ever how much my mood and energy levels are affected by eating foods my body doesn’t love.

    As far as consolidation goes, my best advice is take it slow. Introduce foods first that you are fairly sure are OK. Hold off on introducing grains and sugars as long as you can or even better, choose not to introduce them at all! Focus less on the foods and more on how they make you feel. You may not have experienced yet the change to your energy levels and state of mind but when you do, hold these positive thoughts every time you make a decision about what to eat or drink knowing that you want to maintain these great feelings forever.

    Enjoy the journey!

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