What Is Consciousness?

Thursday, March 31, 2011 by Amanda

Consciousness is a state of awareness where we choose how to act rather than react. It’s being aware of the consequences of our actions and making choices while considering all the people or things that might be influenced by our decisions.

In a global sense, consciousness is being aware of how what we do affects the environment, the political situation, and the rest of the world. On a personal level, consciousness involves being aware of your true purpose in life, staying connected to your inner self and living your life in the present moment. It’s important to be aware of how the past has influenced who you are now and choose to let go of the past, if necessary, to live in the present. Notice each moment as a new experience and recognise when you over-react to a situation based on your past.

If you find that you are having difficulty in putting the past behind you, there is help available. Most natural health practitioners work in some way with clearing the effects of your past conditioning whether on a physical, spiritual, emotional or mental level. The aim is usually to bring you in to the present moment.

When we act unconsciously, it is more of a reaction, in that we act automatically without considering whether this is the way we want to act or not. The starting point for living a conscious life is becoming aware of times when we have acted unconsciously (or reacted) to a situation and make a conscious decision to act differently next time.

For example, your male boss comes to your desk and says “I need you to do this right now!” Based on your upbringing, you may react in one of many ways. Say, you had an overbearing father who constantly told you what to do, you may cower at the tone of voice and meekly say ‘ok’ but as soon as your boss leaves, you feel resentful and finish what you were doing just to make him wait. If you were to stop and think about your reaction, you may notice the similarity between your boss and father and realise that in actual fact you are reacting to your father not your boss. The next time your boss makes a similar request, you may be able to notice the differences between the way he has asked and the way your father would have. This then gives you the power to choose how you will act.

I find the more conscious I become, the less excuses I make and the less blame I place for the things in my life. I choose to take full responsibility for everything in my life – the good and the bad. This choice gives me the power to make any changes I desire. Again and again I see things flow perfectly when I am following my desires as to what to do, or not to do, next. When I do things at a time that I want to do them, I accomplish things much faster and better than if I force it.

I attempt to focus on ‘being’, although being a master at ‘doing’, I only manage small periods of being. Living in the present moment has allowed me to know that the universe will take care of me so long as I stay connected to my inner guidance. I now allow myself “guilt-free” rest periods, knowing that it rejuvenates me and, in the long term, I get more of the right things done. It also helps me to focus on now. Not the past, not the future, just right now and what I am experiencing right now.

Consciousness gives you the power to connect with your inner guidance system, to act in line with your purpose and to live in the present moment as often as possible. The present moment is where you will find peace and so it is a worthy target.

What has been your experience towards living a conscious life?

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