What Will 2011 Bring To You?

Monday, December 27, 2010 by Amanda

Now that the excesses of Christmas are over, you may find that you have a little time and space on your hands to consider the upcoming year. What would you like to do different this year? What would you like to accomplish? Who would you like to spend more time with? What thinking would you like to change? What would you like more or less of this year? …

There are a hundred (or more) questions you could ask yourself but the real key is to think about what you would like for the coming year in each area of your life: Family; Work/Vocation; Finances; Relationships; Health and Fitness; Personal Growth/Spirituality. These categories are not static and you may define the areas of your life in a different way. Just make sure that you set your intentions for what you want in each area.

I used to think that there would always be at least one area in my life that needed working on but I have realised what a limiting belief this has been for me. It has meant that I was always striving in at least one area of my life. Now that I no longer believe this, I find that it is possible to experience peace and to be comfortable with my life just as it is. This has also allowed me to live in the present moment and enjoy life – moment by moment. It has also meant that things come easily to me because any actions I undertake are inspired actions and therefore working towards my life purpose. What a wonderful feeling!

What are the wonderful things you would like to attract into your life? Do you believe you can have them?

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