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Monday, November 22, 2010 by Amanda

I recently undertook a 6 week e-course with Margaret Lynch entitled Wild Summer Spirit. The program was designed to help me really discover my passion, power and purpose and use this new awareness in my everyday life, business and relationships. It stepped through each of the Chakras (energy centres) using tapping (EFT) and crystal bowl meditations to clear past blockages and allow me to see and achieve my potential.

When I read the program outline, I thought – ooh, I need that. And that. And that. Very quickly I realised that I needed everything in the program: to really love my body, feel sexy, heal my shadow, heal my broken heart and refusal to love again, discover my life force energy, open my creativity and get in touch with my intuition. What more could I ask for and it was all in one program.

As a bonus, we were given an introduction to the Rhys Method Profiles which enabled me to understand clearly where I am coming from and also where others are at. Unlike many other profiling systems, in this one you are the same profile from birth. What changes over time is how much time you are spending in defence rather than in your power. What a real eye-opener on the benefits of operating from your power.

I didn’t know anything about Chakras but I didn’t let this stop me, I threw myself in to the program devouring each session several times. (We were given mp3’s of all the audio conferences.) Around the fourth chakra (the Heart), I started to experience real resistance in myself to clearing my blockages. I listened and tapped, and listened and tapped, very persistently until I finally broke through and was able to continue with the higher chakras. This is some of the most thorough and transformational healing work that I have undertaken. As I write this, I remember my intention to periodically revisit the audios and I feel that already different issues have surfaced regarding my Heart Chakra. You may have experienced that spiral before when you keep coming back to the same issue but at a different level. If this program interests you, click here to find out more about it.

If you would prefer to try out Margaret’s style first to see if it is for you, she is currently offering a FREE ‘Tapping for Money’ video course which is a unique approach to releasing the biggest blocks to money. I have already watched the first video and it’s a great way to start clearing your money issues. Click here to find out more. There are also several other free videos on her site, if you would prefer to review a different topic. These are accessed using the same link and then choosing “No, thanks” to the free video course.

I would love to hear about any work you have done stepping through the Chakras. Also, has anyone else experienced Margaret Lynch’s work and how did you found it?

I am proud to be an affiliate of Margaret Lynch and The Secret of Intentional Wealth.

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